Product Advantage:
Dura-Ply Roofing has developed the most durable, affordable, and energy-efficient, commercial roof system available in the Chicago area. We offer our clients a long-lasting solution for their worn-out flat roofs and metal standing seam systems.The patented design of Dura-Ply’s DRI-RoofTM presents an unparalleled value against our competition. A solar venting feature allows our system to install over the existing roof and provides a pre-emptive approach to common roof failures that occur with a recover type application.Your investment will be preserved for decades to come by coalescing moisture-resistant components and proven air-flow technology with a company specializing in one application (EPDM).

Certified Product History:
In the year 1963, EPDM ‘Rubber Roofing’ entered the market as a single-ply waterproofing membrane, and by 1984 rubber roofs started establishing as an industry leader for commercial roof replacement.

Black EPDM roofs are the most durable and sustainable. They provide the highest level of weather resistance and can quickly repair after decades in service.

Our product eliminates the unnecessary expense of tearing off a roof, reduces your energy requirements year-round, is environmentally aware, and will keep you dry for decades.

FUN FACT: The EPDM roofs that installed in 1963 are still performing well today!

Proven Energy Savings:
Dura-Ply’s commercial roof system is a capital investment that provides a return. Once upon a time, a ‘Cool Roof’ (a roof system with white reflective membrane) presented as the panacea for utility consumption savings. However, decades of research have proven this to be false. Many scholarly studies, including The U.S. Department of energy, supports that a black roof in Chicago provides more energy cost savings than reflective roof coverings.