Dura-Ply’s vented flat roof system will exhaust trapped moisture condensation from inside the roof’s assembly by exploiting the natural suction created by the prevailing wind force.

Blowing air into a balloon increases the internal pressure, expands it, and grows in size. This added volume results in positive stress on the balloon’s surface, known as a load.

A roof system experiences a similar load to that of a balloon. Instead of internal pressure, however, the stress originates from external, prevailing wind passing over the roof’s horizontal plane, suctioning the membrane, and creating membrane deflection. We quantify this uplift in pounds per square feet (PSF).

Dura-Ply’s pressure venting system mitigates the wind’s intensity on the roof surface by using ventilators placed strategically in areas that experience the highest uplift – at the perimeter of the roof. Like popping a balloon, the roof vents allow the pressure to escape from inside the assembly, holding the roof down and removing moisture-laden air volume.